Have you ever worked for a company and put in hour upon countless hour preparing to be the best or stand above everyone else? Have you gone above and beyond, succeeded, and felt confident in your contributions? Most people have at some point in their career, if not every day. How many times have you gone above and beyond for your company without being asked to do so, only to be let go?

ImageSadly, this happens way more often than it should. It is the sad truth that many people experience this type of situation, usually at the beginning or end of the week. What hopefully isn’t so sad and possibly helps you feel a little better about yourself is that it happens to the best too. Literally. Someone many feel is the best at what he does. Maybe not right now, but definitely in years past.

One of the NFL’s star quarterbacks, Peyton Manning was let go by the Indianapolis Colts after giving his all for them day in and day out for 14 straight seasons. To many, Manning is the epitome of excellence and the type of employee CEO’s dream of hiring. He came in as a hardworking young man and after 14 years became the only 4 time MVP in the history of the NFL..


It is well known to many football fans the amount of time Peyton puts into studying his opponents and working with younger players on his team to help learn the playbook. He works and works to build rapport with his teammates so when it comes crunch time, they are adequately prepared. It has been said he works harder than anyone else at what he does. That statement is debatable, his talents and what he did for his organization, not as much.

                Now, I am pretty confident in my capabilities as a recruiter and connecting the right people, but I think it would be a tough sell to compare my skills in my profession to those of Peyton Manning in his. And for all intents and purposes, he was FIRED! It was the best move for the organization at the time and now everyone has moved on, but he is one of the best and even he was fired.

The reason I bring this up circles back to part of the reason I stopped writing my blog when I did. I was let go/fired/cut whatever you want to call it in October of 2011. I was looking for something new and am happy working with my present employer, but at the time it was tough to swallow. I thought I did so much for my company (which I did) and they didn’t appreciate anything. That’s neither here nor there, but the point I needed to take away from the experience was that even the best are fired sometimes. It’s pretty cold, but it’s a business decision and what’s best for the company.Image

        If you know someone (even yourself) that has experienced a layoff, was fired, let go, etc. and they might be tying their self-worth to their job (or lack thereof), help them understand employment doesn’t define their skills or the person they are. This is easier said than done, but it just might be that little nugget your friend or family member needs for a little inspiration to keep their head up.